What types of feed do we supply?

  • Farm Animal Feed
  • Wild Animal Feed
  • Fish and Aquatic Feed

Animals do speak, but to those who know how to listen

Goetz's Animal Feed & Supply is your source for animal feed at warehouse pricing. Family owned and operated since 1920 we carry a large selection of products for horses, poultry, wildlife, fish, goats, sheep and more. Our 5,000 square foot facility provides a large selection of cash and carry merchandise. We accept all major credit cards.


Farm owners and animal lovers, we can supply you with the correct feed at the best price.

Horse feed is not just hay, although we do sell that by the bale. We also carry bagged horse feed with added nutrients for all ages and horse types.

We sell farm animal feed for poultry, sheep, and pigs. In addition, we have a large selection of foods for wildlife such as deer, birds and more. Visit our Ronkonkoma location
to speak to our experts
and view our huge
selection of merchandise
for yourself.
We even have large bags
of dog and cat food too.

Quality Feed, for the best care

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Open to the Public

We have been selling to the public
since 1920, ensuring your animal has the
best supplies possible. Choose between a
variety of foods and merchandise easily accessible to your vehicle.

Animal Feed

We specialize in all types
of animal feed, offering advice and
dietary information for your animals
specific needs.


We are your source for animal
feed at warehouse pricing. We carry
a large selection of products for horses,
poultry, wildlife, fish, domestic animals and much more.

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Feed Types

Horse Feed

From bagged horse feed to a simple bale of hay we have what you need at warehouse prices. Focusing on nutrition, we understand the foods needed to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Farm Animals

Our feeds for poultry, pigs, sheep and more are made from the nutritious ingredients your animals need. Choose between a wide selection of quality brands to help your animals sustain a happy life.

Wild Animal Feed

Good nutrition matters. We carry products and feed for deer, birds and more. Let our experts pair you with what you're looking for.

Fish & Aquatic Feed

Give your fish the best chance of a healthy life with our aquatic feed with vitamins and minerals.

Special Feed

We have elder horse feed and many other specialized feed for horses and other farm animals with select dietary needs.